Your Scheduled Program Has Been Interrupted…..

DAY 172:  Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0 (Tried on 9 bathing suits, became extremely nauseated, cried in the floor of the dressing room, went home and jumped on Dr. Greenberg’s  website. Can I nip and tuck my own stuff? I mean, where’s the DIY blog for that?????)

Your scheduled program of 30 x 30 Remix has been interrupted for an important announcement. See notice below:

Dear Nordstrom,

It is with bittersweet tears, I bid you adieu. For today, I’m submitting my final payment on outstanding balance since December of last year.  You will find my balance fully paid. I do thank you kindly for your generous revolving interest program. Might I suggest that you add that dollar amount, in the future to my reward points account? That would be a win for everyone. 

With kindest regards,



At the beginning of Shopfast, I had a Nordstrom balance equivalent to a few mortgage payments along with a healthy Saks Fifth Avenue account and a Master Card (the secret card, that wasn’t really a secret). 2 out of 3 of those cards are paid in full today.

Now, I’m focused on creating healthy spending patterns. It’s a great feeling. My new mantra, and one that I’m teaching Olivia, who has already been swooned by the luster of a glittery pink Cinderella credit card toy, is …

“Real Women Spend Cash.”

We shall leave the lofty credit card spends to the posers.

I have discovered how easy it is to pay off when you’re not overspending. What a novel concept.

Oh, my recommended reading for today:


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