Steve Got Stuff & I Didn’t; Day 11, 30×30

Day 171: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 10 (J. Crew Hats. I about imploded, but Steve was there to hold me steady)

Day 11 of 30×30 Remix

Steve is really racking up these days. 2 trips to International Plaza in a week and I’ve come out with nada. This is serious restraint folks. My husband had double bag load at Nordstrom last week and then racked up some more at J. Crew tonight. I, completely pout-free, helped him make selections, but did not offer to carry the bags.  To his credit, Steve only makes clothing purchases once or twice a year, by force. He’d much prefer to wear his decade old polo shirts and tattered jeans. I, being of sound fashion mind, cannot in good conscience allow this sort of behavior. So, we pulled the trigger on our semi-annual shopping extravaganza for him. Along the way, I found the most delightful hat a J. Crew. I NEEEEEED it for vacation. Came home without it, though. Go me.



6 responses

  1. Proud of you!!! I wouldn’t have been able to stand strong on that one… I caved on my food fast today – regretting that cave!

  2. Love the “imploded” comment – too funny. My hubby shops infrequently as well, but when he does, I insist that he work with a stylist at Nordstrom. They really do work miracles. You look great in this outfit, really like the ruffled top. The dress in the previous post looks fab with the platforms and such a cute pic with your son.

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