“FLASH, CAMERA, ACTION!” Day 10; 30×30

Day 170: Items  Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0


Day 10 of 30 for 30 Remix:

Let’s just forget about the outfit for a second. Instead, I’d like to focus on the fact that I actually gave a talkin’ to the that tripod and we finally got our act together. Toward the end of this post, I’ll let you know just how I did it! Yes, I did wear this outfit to work today….but with a white cardigan, not pictured here. It is smokin’ hot in the sunshine state, so I ditched the sweater for the photo.

So, how’d I pull off an in-focus picture? Child labor, of course. I convinced owen to stand in front of my camera, focusing on him. Next, I fired the shutter, which set on a timer gave me 10 seconds to run to Owen, stand in his spot and tell him to run as fast as possible to the golf course. He thought it was a rather hilarious game and fully cooperated. We did, however get busted on a couple of shots. See below…


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  1. So funny! Court was here today taking the rest of our Lakeland Local 30 for 30 and we got a couple action shots with Kade in my heels walking into the picture! Totally relate! Love this look and the pops of color!

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