The Groove Step.

Day 168: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

At certain times, although often unannounced and without warning, I will wake up with what I can only describe as an influx of groove step. What, you may ask, is groove step? Not sure exactly how to explain it other than to note a significant bounce in the step, a hint of neck hula and an abundant dose of goofy self-confidence….emphasis on goofy.  Tis’ always fun to experience this occasional supplement of energy because it almost always accompanied by random bursts of joyousness and unexpected surprises.

For starters, I decided that in order to match appropriately my mood, not just any outfit would do. Nope. I had to channel my inner ghetto.  Thus today’s remix was mixed with ol skool’ hip hop. I dove into my archive of 1999 jams and rolled with circuit 1: Jay Z’s Can I get a Wha??? along with TLC’s No Scrubs.  This was the beginning of a very good day.

Shorts: Merona for Target, Shirt: Cabi, Scarf: gift from my stylish friend, Courtney, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Necklace: Saks Fifth, Ring: J’s Jade, New York City, Watch: Michael Kors. Shoes: You can’t see em’, but they’re the big grey platforms by Elle.

After the pep dance, a series of wonderful happenings followed:

  1. I completed another Jillian Michael’s exercise circuit without dying.
  2. A Nordstrom Note for $20 arrived in the mail. (YES!)
  3. I made the most delicious organic eggplant parmesan and the family LOVED it
  4. My magazines came just in time for my upcoming roadtrip
  5. White amazon girl jeans finally made it to alterations. Shorty gonna get her some new hem.




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