Date Night

Day 165: Items Purchased: for me? 0 For Steve? some Father’s Day goodies. Temptation Radar: 5–tempted by some sunglasses. That’s all I have to say about that.

Steve and I had a hot date to the Nordstrom Mens Half-Yearly Sale.  I must say he will be looking much spiffier when he wakes up tomorrow.We rocked the sale. Or, the sale rocked us? Same difference. Too tired to type anymore.

Here’s my day 4 Remix….

all of the pics came out terrible. oh well, can’t win em’ all.



3 responses

  1. LOVE the jeans! These have to be the ones you were telling me about! YAY! That blouse is beautiful too! I Can’t wait for Missoni to come to Target, then maybe I can afford something! Hee Hee

  2. I have days where all of my photos are horrific… and then I don’t post anything at all, haha. I love the top you’re rockin’ in that photo, though!

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