Wardrobe Remix: Day 1: Behold the 22 year old belt!

Day 162: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

For everyone else, yesterday was the first day. I prefer to be fashionably late. But, let’s not split hair over the details. If, by chance, you require proof of the existence of generational treasures tucked deep into the abyss I call my closet, I submit the belt photographed below. It is heirloom leather (ok…exaggeration alert), purchased by my father for me along with a pair of khaki pants and a most stylish safari shirt, from Belk Lindsey, when I was in the sixth grade. Although it does not fit around my hips anymore, it still work nicely as a high-waisted belt.  As you can see, this fine piece of leather has served me well for 22 years. Not joking. My dad and I share the same timeless taste, making even intended short-term purchases go the long haul.


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