Bangle Bonanza

Day 160: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 5…accessories. sigh.

There’s just something about an army of bangles stacked high on my wrist that makes me feel empowered. It’s like, “Power to the people, baby.” It’s the toughest look you’ll ever see on this girly-girl. Today, I envisioned myself lingering, on a boat over a sea of turquoise blue, and decided it best to grant the fantasy expression via my wrist.  Thus, I mounted up the blue bangles and gave a wave.  So, there you go.

Oh, and I do remember that its Shop & Share Sunday!

Blog View:

This week, I’m giving the blog shout to, the fabulous fashionista from Texas who is teaching us all how to mix it up by remixing our closets. If you are active in the fashion blog world, she’ll be no stranger to you, as she has quite the following. Her infamous 30 for 30 remix, where she cleverly selects 30 pieces from her wardrobe, and mixes them up for 30 days, creating different looks has granted her well-deserved fame. The kicker? She doesn’t shop while she’s re-mixing. Seems we have that in common! Her quick wit and charm are as chic as her styling . She’s starting her latest tomorrow! You can join her if you want. You must pop over to her site. I would like to participate in the remix, but I’ve not been able to face the ultimate challenge of choosing my items. Maybe one day, I’ll have the courage.

Shop Lust:

My item of the week. Inspired by my fetish for bracelets, this little bauble by Cara Accessories made me weak at the knees. Nearly irresistible. Notice, I said nearly.


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