Day 159 (Saturday): Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Have you ever wondered about the history of “Christmas In July”?  I have. So, I google-d it, like I do all of the other unknowns in my life. For me, July 1 marks the beginning of my Christmas shopping season. I begin purchasing, in small increments, gifts for the children, relatives, friends, and of course: myself. Okay. Wait. Admittedly, the shopping from July to November is mostly for moi. But, you get the point. Anyway, Wikipedia tells me that the July festivities date back to the early 80’s, possibly by Irish tourists, to bring some Christmas coolness to the scorching summer months.  Now, it’s become a marketeers’ dream for hosting an array of irresistible sales and specials. Right jolly, I tell you.

In thinking about preparation for Christmas…the toys and such I’d like to store up for my kids, the first thing that pops into my head is “NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.” You can be sure that conquering small moving parts and power tools is not on my list of desired achievements. Yet, I got to thinking about it more carefully. Why not? What’s the big deal? Why do I avoid assembly? The question stood still in my mind, realizing that thoughts were shifting beyond toys. Perhaps it is laziness…or feeling overwhelmed? Or, worst of all, fear. Honestly, I like it “all together”. Don’t we all? But, what about the wonder and the importance of individual moving parts? What about understanding how they work together…their significance? As you may have noticed, I’m really not talking about toys anymore. Although, I see a parallel.  The same things that symbolize anxiety in putting a toy together are also true in personal life.   So often, we have the opportunity to isolate ourselves…to fail to connect our moving parts. Why? Perhaps, isolation hides the lack of “put-togetherness”. Or maybe the assembling with others is just too overwhelming or too messy. It takes time and effort. Maybe pure unadulterated fear restrains us from being who we were born to be. Sometimes, in the assembly things don’t work just right the first time, but you still keep trying. You see fear can keep us all from connecting the small parts….the details.

I guess what I really want to say is: go for it. Connect the pieces. Use your tools. Believe that you can. The finished product, although labor intensive, tedious, and even perplexing will be worth it. The only thing in life that’s not assembly required is our heart, the ultimate power tool, and all we need to get the job done.


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