Emergency Conference Call. Seriously HUGE Emergency.

Day 154: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0 didn’t even THINK about shopping 

Recently, I discussed my craving for white denim trousers. Back in March, my husband Steve & I found the perfect pair accompanied by the most imperfect price tag. Current Elliot, whitewash with a flare leg. Just perfect, I tell you. Being quite frugalicious these days, I realized that blowing $200 worth of Nordstrom gift cards on one pair of jeans with 9 months remaining in the game would be unwise. Thus, I passed.  In late May, a friend of mine alerted  me to a Current Elliot closeout sale hosted by one of the infamous shop auction websites. To my suprise, a white pair of jeans, more of a tomboy style with a price tag I couldn’t resist $65 begged me to buy them. Problem? I only had a $50 American Express giftcard that I received for Mother’s day…and of course the Nordstrom cards I’d been holding on to. $15 dollar difference? That’s all I need? Such a seriously urgent situation constituted a conference call. I immediately dialed my husband, explaining the details and requesting a call to action. Surely, he could just buy me the jeans. I was feeling confident. As I finished my presentation and plea on the rarity of this sort of deal, he interrupted me…”Well, it sounds like you’ll just have to wait.”  I nearly dropped the receiver. “Wait!? He’s not going to help me??” I felt a knot in my stomach…a nauseating wave of desperation. Yet, I knew he was right. He was making the point that making things easy for me would not help the cause. Again, another pair of jeans slipped away.

Now, June is full swing, and I’d nearly lost hope of ever securing the Current Elliots. Last week I learned that the orginal pair I’d tried on went on sale. Elated to see they had my size and the price tag was within my gift card coverage area, I was ready to party!  I hopped online, logged on the Nordstrom website and begin to type in my information, when suddenly I was faced with yet another a HUGE dilemna. The site states,

“Only 1 gift card per transaction.”

Are you kidding me? Is this some sort of sick joke?  I sat staring at the screen and looking down at the 3 gift cards that needed to be relinquished in order to make this deal. I was frantic. Frustrated. Nearly psychotic , if I’m honest. So, I did the only thing I knew to do. I conferenced Steve.

We chatted about the craziness of this retail conundrum. I asked him what my options were? After all, I learned my lesson on asking him to buy me something.  His response was, “We can talk about it when I get home.” UGH. I don’t have time for that! My jeans could sell out! I have the money in gift cards! Can’t we work out some sort of deal!!!!! I waited….and waited.

Three days later, I received an email confirmation that my jeans had been ordered….purchased by a Steve Reed. But did he buy them free and clear? Nope. No way. He sure enough made me fork over the $50 Amex card, but the nice guy in him decided I deserved to keep my last $50 worth for Nordstrom. Believe me, I’m hanging on to those for dear life. Never underestimate the power of a good conference call.


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