Random Road Sighting

Day 149,  Items Purchased: 0   Temptation Radar: 10…I miss buying new clothes. That’s all.

When one is stuck in traffic on I-275 there little to do besides daydream and watch the caravan of cars fighting their way thru the interchange, especially if she’s grown tired of chatting on the mobile phone. I found myself in this predicament this afternoon traveling home from the Rays game, in a state of unusual melancholy. Though our team lost, that was certainly not the source of my disenchantment, nor was it the fact that I returned the shirt I had purchased with my last Nordstrom giftcard over the weekend. Really, I can’t explain my current state of bummed. So suddenly, I’m startled out of daze to the most unusual display: an old red Ford Areostar minivan passing me at warp speed in the left lane. On the back glass of the car was painted “Happy 30th Birthday Gillian!” in white shoe polish. I gasped, as it hit me: The minivan was welcoming Gillian to the decade of the carpool. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

I looked at my reflection in the rearview mirror, noticing 2 new crows feet around my eyes, saw my kids’ Mcdonald’s toy in the floorboard and was reminded that I too, had arrived. I gave a honk and headed home….bagless and speechless.


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