The Instant Gratificationator

Day 148: Items Purchased: 1– Shirt at Nordstrom Sale with my very last gift card. Temptation Radar: 10– but not for the item purchased. Weird.

Spent. That’s what they call it when you’ve nothing left. That’d be me. I spent the very last gift card I had to my name. $50. Done. Just like that. The funny thing? I tried on a half-dozen things in the dressing room, obsessing over each of them, weighing the pros & cons. I spent a half hour trying to make the best selection. Finally, overwhelmed and running out of time, I put them all back. Suddenly, in a fit of vehement frustration and utter dissatisfaction, I ran over to one last sale rack and stormed through my size. I grabbed a sort-of-cool shirt, and rushed it tot he counter. Momentarily relieved of shop torture, I felt the same sort of adrenaline rush you get when something really exciting happens….a job promotion, a first kiss, a surprise party. Got it home. Hated it. The thrill was gone, the blouse had lost its luster and I was left scratching my head wondering what just happened. Giftcard burning hole in my pocket. I just neeeeeeeeeeeeedddded something.

Thus the topic of instant gratification comes to mind. Sigh. I want it. I want it now. But, will I be happy later? Answer: probably not.  Is what we want right now, what we really want? Over and over, I’ve been lured into the trap of the Instant Gratificationator and pulverized.  Some folks deal with this primarily in the area of food, becoming captive to chocolate. For some it’s unquenchable lust. They become the slave to their impulse, and sadly in some cases, at the expense of a marriage commitment.  Even still, we see it in any compartment of life where the fleshly desires are allowed to wander, unchecked.  Wherever the Instant Gratificationator is lurking, you can be sure that disappointment and regret will surely follow.

I suppose you could say this experience was a handy reminder that the best things are the ones worth waiting for. Tomorrow, I’ll get my gift card back.


This is the top. And the shaw thingy does a lot of neat tricks.


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