Shop ‘n Share Sunday!

Sunday Day 146: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

I had no strength to post Friday or Saturday.  I attended the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, purchasing NADA. As you can imagine, I channeled every ounce of umph to resist the strong pull of  Nordy. I even clenched tightly my remaining gift cards, fearing that the fall will present tough times.  The husband was proud I must say. Me? Sad, but steady. That’s a good thing. Thinking of my long-term goal dulls the pain a bit. So, you could say the temptation was off the chart. 10++

I’m told that it makes life in the blogosphere a little more interesting when you have some kind of recurring theme, offering, challenge, etc. You know, an element of predictability  where one knows what to expect at least every now and then. So, I thought to myself, Why not? I once considered inviting people to join the shopping refrain then thought better of it realizing, “who would really want to do that!?”  All jokes aside, I recently learned of another blogger,, who has blast with her feature called “Awesome & Awkward Thursday”. She hilariously recounts incidents throughout her day that meet the said criteria. A refreshing and fun read, which might I add, has developed quite a following of devotees. Today, over a load of laundry, I experienced a lightning-like surge of creative inspiration! I know what I can do for my feature! It shall be called: Shop n’ Share Sunday. You see, shopping for the sake of browsing, as I’ve been doing for nearly 6 months now, can be torture. But, browsing with the intention to share with friends is worth it! And, being new to this blogosphere, I’m discovering so many interesting people with brilliant ideas, projects, stories etc. It’s hard to keep up! At least a few times a day, I think of something I saw on someone’s blog that I’d love to tell  someone about! Truth is, to keep them to mum would make me, well, not so friend-like. Henceforth, on Sundays, I will reveal my shopping treasure of the week along with a hot blog read! As usual, I shall be held fully accountable and report on my Shopfast status. Now, I don’t know how long I’ll actually do this. But, we’ll give it a go.

By Gosh, today is Sunday! So, here we go……DRUMROLL……


For all of the aspiring photographers out there if you’ve ever wanted to learn more in photoshop, you really must check out one of my favorites:

The Coffee Shop Blog

I discovered this site back in early 2009, and found it to be a goldmine of useful resources. You will find all sorts of helpful hints for processing your digital images, photoshop tricks, and loads of free templates and action sets to help enhance and perfect your pictures. This is a great place to start learning, as the gals offer very detailed tutorials. Don’t have a fancy Photoshop Version? No problem! The site offers lots of fabulous tips to transform your images in the basic Adobe PS Elements program! This is a must have addition to your blogroll, if you love pics!


Now for my little shopping treasure…I recently purchased an iPhone. Like my wallet and keys, my phone goes everywhere. So, I’ve been on the hunt for some different tech cases that would accommodate the phone along with keys, money and credit cards. Check out this little cutie!I like it in the gold personally.

You can find select styles at your nearest Mac store or

Can you believe the stylish iPad case too? Geez. Love it. I haven’t purchased these yet, but it’s on my radar. Will it be on yours too?

Don’t be shy, now. Post a comment and let me know what you think about this new little blog project.


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