The Clearance Rack.

Wednesday, May 25   Day 142 Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Random thoughts. It’d be great to be able to shut them off sometimes, right? Here’s my latest: Have you ever considered that in actuality the outlet store is nothing more than a compilation of the outcasts, rejects, leftovers and overstock? Think about it.  The items that eventually bring great happiness to bargain-hungry shopper, were really not good enough in their original retail setting.

It sort of redefines, for me, the way the “outcast” is observed.  Throughout many moments in this journey, I too, felt like I was shoved to the clearance rack of life. Over the years, my interactions with various individuals or even in social groups where I thought I could fit or had something unique to offer, actually left me feeling rejected, abandoned, and confused. It seems often that some of the worst pain is associated with being excluded. Simply stated: left out. Recently, I was working in a nursery environment where 3 little girls sat at a table. Let’s just say their names were Mae, Faye and Bae. Mae looks at Bae and says “I’m friends with Faye. I’m not your friend.” I stood shocked at the cold and callous expression of a 4-year old. Nothing had happened, that I could perceive, to provoke such a declaration. I think it was simply a matter of  thinking: There’s not enough room for 3 of us. Such an exclusionary mentality…at 4 years old.  I was crushed on the inside…wanting to run over and intervene. But, I let it play out.  Bae, who should have been deeply hurt, simply went about coloring her picture, seemingly without regard or offense.  Wow, I thought. Could I have responded like that? Then I realized…I have plenty of times. in the past, burying hurt, picking up pieces with questions still swirling, I stepped forward, focused  upon moving on….without saying a word.

This brings me back to the clearance rack where items are rejected, shoved around, rolled from rounder to rounder eventually to a final sale.  My closet is made up of many of these. What a joy they are! It reminds me that when the treasure of the excluded is discovered, she will shine brightly. It whispers a promise that the overstocked, or more specifically she who is “too much to handle” will fit quite nicely in the right space. The rejected will find acceptance with someone. And, there is always room somewhere for leftovers. Despite the fear of being overlooked, eventually she will be found and positioned in her perfect place.


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