Scolded By The Dry Cleaners!

Tuesday, May 24   Day 141 Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

I bailed out my dry cleaning today. After nearly 2 weeks, it occurred to me that the picking’ was slim in the closet without these articles. Albeit quite painful, necessity demanded I fork out the $78 dollars to rescue my clothes. As I grudgingly delivered my claim check, a most peculiar interaction followed. Being well acquainted with trouble and quite used to having “explain” myself, you’d think a good “talking to” would be okay with me; and it is…except when delivered by the local dry cleaners.

“Now Ms. Reed, this silk blouse we didn’t launder because of the stretch in the fabric on the back. It would probably tear.” She stands staring at me, hanging the accused garment in my face noting the flaw. “And, I think we talked about this last time”, she continues, as she clears her throat.

We talked about this last time? It’s been over a month since I posted bail for the preceding batch of dry cleaning! Plus, it didn’t even contain the blouse in question! That means, she remembers my attempt to have this item laundered in February? Wow.

“Yes, ma’am. I forgot.”, I offered as I sheepishly took receipt of the blouse with red x sticky note attached.  I had been scolded–my shirt, served formal notice and marked a reject. Perhaps it really does “take a village” to grow us up. Apparently, I am now taking correction from the launderer. And with that, I headed toward the principal’s office.

This marks the death of my 2nd article of clothing for the year.  You remember the T-shirt I ripped earlier this year? Well, this silk shell has been a suiting staple for me for 4 years. R.I.P., dear blouse. On January 1st,  I will replace you. In the meantime, is it okay for me to wear a  sleep wear camisole? That’s about all I have left these days.


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