“Did The Turkey Die Because He Didn’t Receive Antibiotics, Or Was He Destined To Be My Dinner?”

Monday, May 23 ,  Day 140: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0 (too busy visiting all the health food stores in the community to be tempted by a skirt)

“Turkey raised on sustainable family farms in a stress-free enviornment that promotes natural behavior and socialization.” ** Shoot. Must be nice! So, what you’re saying is that is that the food I’m eating lives a better lifestyle, than I?  This is among the first questions posed in my effort to take my family on a journey of organic proportions!  I also learned organic meat is classified by it’s hormone deficiency. Today the hormones in chicken and other meat can be harmful. I’m glad to learn this because, clearly the mixture of cow hormones and my own make for one fierce heifer. Maybe that explains why I’ve had all these sudden outbursts of rage and heat flashes?  I digress.

Anyway, in the spirit of health and well-roundedness, we’ve taken on the the challenge of shifting to a more organic lifestyle.  With some of the “moo-lah”, I’ve been saving via Shopfast, the family’s diet is getting a re-style. It’s great to know we can drink our vegetables, replace M&Ms with Sun drops (try them if you haven’t. yummy), and make a mean gluten-free brownie with all organic ingredients.  Between this and weekly pilates instruction, I’d say things are going in the right direction.

**wording from the Applegate product labeling


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  1. My hubs and I are on a similar journey while reading Eating Animals by Foer. Between this book and an already vague understanding of the food we are sold at supermarkets, I am continually convinced we need to alter our consumption. Whether it’s food or clothing (like shopfast!) what we buy and who we buy it from matters.
    That said, thanks. It’s good knowing we’re not alone in the endeavor.

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