The Sweet South: Part III

Sunday, May 22, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

It’s easy to forget you’re even remotely near a shopping plaza of any kind when spending the weekend at my uncle’s. Today, my children showed me the importance of operating the tractor.   A huge, green John Deere became the focus of the their affection, obtaining even greater adoration than, let’s say, Disney World.  I was amazed by their excitement over it. After all, they can’t drive it. It wasn’t moving. The tractor simply sat there, letting them climb all over it. I was so inspired by their joy over such a simple thing. It got me thinking, when I tempted to focus on the  “have nots” or the “wish I could” of life, I hope that images like the ones I am about to share will permeate my memory. I hope that I will continue to value even the little things….like watching my kids climb up and down a tractor parked in the woods. Perhaps  I will remember listening to the sound of crickets and birds, leaving corn for deer to nibble and waiting quietly for them to come into the yard. And when I think of these, gratitude will fill me up. O, the lessons I’ve learned from the Sweet South.


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