Happy Birthday, Dear Mommy

May 18th, Day 135: Items Purchased: 2 ( for mamma) Temptation Radar: 4

What a nutty day. No. It’s not your fault, mom. Nor does the nuttiness of it all have anything to do with your birthday. Today will not only be remembered as the 135th day of Shopfast or  your annual celebration, but the day my computer became a street-walker.

No, I’m not kidding. Earlier today, in a state of complete brainlessness, I left my computer atop my vehicle while digging through the trunk for something.  The problem? I departed, forgetting the laptop was still on the roof.  While cruising down the 2 lane highway, headed toward my appointment, I heard an 18 wheeler behind me, and in the opposite lane, blow his horn. Peering in the rearview mirror, I watch my company’s laptop computer fly through the air, scarcely missing the truck and crash into the highway.  Moments later, I find myself dodging traffic to retrieve pieces of the computer.  Yea. That was my day.

So, you can probably understand why delivering my mother’s birthday gifts a few hours later provided a real bright spot in the day. Check out the cute things I found for her!

Cute chemise nightgown, Calypso for Target.  Something I would’ve purchased for myself? Absolutely. The fabric was soft and lovely, with such a feminine design. It was certainly therapeutic for me to be able to gift it.

I also found the most fabulous sewing book: One Yard Wonders. It contains 32 projects you can sew with 1 yard of fabric. Want a fun gift suggestion? Give this book, wrapped in a yard of your favorite fabric. I chose a fun Amy Butler print for mom. She loved it!

It’s a great item for a sewing beginner, including all of the instructions a glossary of sewing terms and helpful tips.  Good stuff. Oh, for the folks wondering how my sewing venture is going, I’m still at it. My skirt is almost finished. I’ve procrastinated on the hemming. Plus, I’ve missed the last 2 classes. But, I’ll be back on the wagon soon enough, I suppose. Hopefully, I won’t leave the materials on the top of the car.


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