Paper Junkie

Days 133 & 134: Items Purchased: 0 , Temptation Radar: 0

Very busy lately. I’ve been involved in loving on friends and family who’ve welcomed new babies into their lives. Honestly, this has been one of the best weeks I’ve had in a while. I really believe mainly because I’ve stepped away from my own agenda and poured myself into being present for others. Great truth lies in the phrase, Tis’ better to give than to receive. Yesterday, day 133, I photographed baby Annabelle for my sister. I’d like to post a picture, but her mamma would prefer to reveal them via her birth announcement. “SHHH”, she says, “It’s a surprise!”  Okay, Kristin. I’ll wait to post, but not sure how long.

Speaking of birth announcements, I should confess that there is yet another area of weakness in my shopping bag: Paper. I am a bona-fide Paper Junkie.  I adore handwritten notes on creatively cute parchment. A delightfully quaint paperie in my hometown allures me always and often. In fact, I’m frequently looking for a gift, project or some excuse to stop in visit with the store owner, and of course snag some delicious notecards, a memo pad or personalized something.  Thankfully, I’m not on a paper fast.  I’ve a nightstand drawer full of stationery along with an office area solely dedicated to a vast collection of  correspondence cards. I’ve even a box of my great-grandmother’s vintage paper, delicately preserved and used only for the most remarkable occurrences. Only one time have I sent a letter penned upon it. The importance of the note and the person to whom it was sent held great significance. I’ve no idea if or when I’ll deem another occasion worthy to part with it again.

Today, I stopped in to THE STATIONERY LOFT, to pick up my latest project……

Isn’t it fun!? So many times, while out and about, people have asked for the link to this blog. Because it’s sort of lengthy and because I rarely have a pen handy, it seemed like the perfect thing to utilize a calling card. Shopfast Blog has its own contact card. We’ve hit the bigtime, I tell you.

Oh, and do follow my girls at Stationery Loft on Facebook. You’ll be glad!


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