Rich In Life’s Goodness…

Day 130: Items Purchased: 0 Temptation Radar: 0 ( couldn’t even entertain the thought of shopping because I have $0 dollars in my account until midnight…no joke.)

Day 131: BEACH DAY, Items Purchased:0…but only because the ocean is not for sale. Tempting, I tell you.

If someone had robbed my purse earlier this week, they’d have been grossly disappointed. Broke, at least until Friday. However, I’m RICH in life’s goodness. This week has been one of  great joy and amazing provision. From the birth of a baby niece to the celebration of my grandmother’s 76th birthday, I’ve been the recipient of unspeakable happiness and blessing. Now would probably be a great time just to share a snipit of my week in “instagrams”, my current obsession, and my favorite iphone app. I finished up this work week with a play day at the beach.


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