This Is The Point Where Things Get Really Tricky….

Perhaps you opened this post anticipating a discussion on the topic of mothers. After all, it is Mother’s Day. Maybe you hoped for a flowery tribute to mothers worldwide, or perhaps an acknowledgement of their strength, hard-work, sacrifice, and ability to be all things to all people at all times. Consider this opening paragraph a shout-out to all the mammas. We rock!

Now, onto more pressing matters. The date is May 8th. Early in the fifth month of this Shopfast, it is important to note that I  have extinguished the majority of my special holiday gift opportunities. Valentine’s, my birthday, Easter, and Mother’s Day: OVER. That only leaves a wedding nniversary and Christmas, both of which occur in December. What does this mean? I will be without aid for the next 7& 1/2 months.  At the moment, I have the following gift cards: $50 Nordstrom, $50 Amex (received as Mother’s Day gift from my children today) & $21 worth of Saks rewards. As you know, 21 bucks won’t buy you a coke at Saks Fifth Avenue, so I don’t see it as part of the rescue plan.  In fact, I don’t even know why I mentioned it. Friends, this is where the real challenge begins. I feel like I’m walking into a drought of fine fashion.

On a brighter note, showers of goodness poured from my family in honor of Mother’s Day.  Here are a couple of things that made me smile…

cutest Koozie ever by Lilly Pulitzer! Check out these and other sweet gift ideas at Stationery Loft.

My Mother’s Day present. I love this swan. So serene. I felt truly loved and appreciated which is the best present of all.


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