Displaced Aggression Has a Place After All……..

Day 123: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 8 (I went to the spring Etcetera Show…..GOD BLESS! I found 3 amazing pieces from which I sprinted!)

I was reminded this morning of one of the “buying triggers” mentioned in a previous post when someone shared a very interesting story with me.  Of course, being completely consumed with this Shopfast, it is not unusual for me to share the details of it with people in conversation. In most cases, when I deliver the line “I’m not making any clothing purchases  for 365 days”, I get one of 2 reactions: Jaw-dropping horror, “How could you do that!?  or flippant eye-rolling accompanied by”Why on earth would you do that?!”.  So, you can imagine my surprise when a person I was chatting with today says, “Oh! You put yourself on shopping restrictions! I’ve done that a few times.” She went on to explain about the time she denied herself of all handbag purchases for a year.  Intrigued, I asked what prompted her restraint. “Well, I bought a Michael Kors bag that I didn’t really need, but that I loved.”  That seemed innocent enough. Still curious, I probed further, ”  Ok. Well, was was it a splurge? Did you just feel guilty? Did you have too many purses?”  As I stood there waiting for her response, I had already imagined several possible reasons. However, her reaction and the brutal honesty of it left me stunned. “I bought it because somebody was getting on my nerves and I didn’t want her to have it!” WHAT? Oh. My. Gosh. The Punishment Purchase!  I roared with laughter. Finally, someone else is guilty!  This was my first encounter with a shopper who admittedly succumbed to the Punishment Purchase. She went on to explain that as she was admiring the bag, which happened to be handsomely discounted, she noticed another lady was in on the hunt. My friend felt the pressure of the other woman’s interest and it made Mr. Kors’s satchel, in its colbalt blue gloryall the more appealing. The stalking shopper apparently followed her around the bag department and at one point, even asked my friend, rather impatiently,  if she intended to buy the bag.  Out of sheer irritation and a wee bit of spite, my girl purchased the bag  just so that the other woman couldn’t have it! Shocked, yet smug, about the transaction, she decided it would be her last purse pick-up for an entire year. She retreated straight to time-out.

Isn’t it amazing how displaced aggression finds its way into our retail activities? I, too had a fight with it today!  “I can’t have any clothes girl, but YOU can!” , I said… to my 3-year old.  I found myself taking out all of this Shopfast frustration on poor innocent Olivia in the form of a fashion show. Thankfully, she indulged me. Below, you will see how I was able to support the Calypso Launch for Target.


More outfits and photos could be released, but I will spare you. Might I add, Olivia is responsible for all of her own posing. Nicely done, I think. I’m certain she would confirm that a little displaced aggression found its rightful place on her today.


3 responses

  1. Adorable!! Olivia is a hoot. My favorite is the hand on the hip shot with her foot resting on her other leg…you go girl! On a fashion note…I was at Target on Sunday for the unveiling and they didn’t have that cute stuff on the racks! I am headed back 🙂 lol

    • Katie, the little blue tunic w/ elephants (or something like that) is so cute. I paired it w/ white circo Bermuda shorts. Way cute!!

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