A New Remedy….

Days 119, 120, & 121:  Congratulations! You are viewing my first Triple Post. I have very good reason for slacking on the blog.  Clothing Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: A good 6.8, I’m really itching for organic cotton something.

The week in review:

Sunday: Bought the Tory Burch sunglasses from Marshalls.

Monday: Debated over whether or not to return the Tory Burch Sunglasses, as they are permissible and Mother’s Day is Sunday, after all. Thought about it so much, I ended up with a tension headache.

Tuesday: Went to Doctor to receive medicine for headache. It is essential that I reduce stress, apparently. Patient history is very important to a physician when he is trying to make an accurate diagnosis and treat accordingly. Of course, I had to explain to him that my stress reliever is buying new outfits for myself and that activity has been interrupted due to the current fasting state. I also suggested that due to the fast,  I’m  certain that  I’m suffering medical complications. My thoughts? Shopfast has caused migraines. He suggested that I’m not a migraine sufferer at all, just a tense little addict who is 5 months deep into the world of withdrawal. Take a muscle relaxer and have a nice day. That was the end of that discussion….or at least my interpretation of it.  I left  with a prescription and no permission to ditch Shopfast. Crap.

Between working hard, fighting headaches, and keeping up with life on the Reed Ranch, I’ve had little time to think MUCH about shopping. But, then again…….

I’m itching pretty bad. I would love a new outfit. Seriously. Like a cute sundress…or some white denim trousers.  I actually have resorted to desperately posting on blogs that offer gift card giveaways. It’s sort of like those little old ladies who play all of the sweepstakes. They just keep submitting entries to anything and everything. Suddenly, they come home to a new computer, vacuum, iPhone, free cruise, a time share, and a year’s worth of Alpo dog food. Who knew?  Tonight, I will scour a few others and hope that I win something fabulous.

Speaking of scouring…..I was searching for some old pictures on my computer. Although not the desired photos, I found a couple from last summer. One strategy for de-stressing, I’m told, is to picture yourself in a happy place. I usually associate happy with beach. I’m feeling more relaxed just thinking about it….

Perhaps a beach trip shall become my new remedy?


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