The Doctrine of Donuts

Day 117,  Items Purchased:  0  Temptation Radar: 0

Today, I’d simply like to abandon my ongoing analysis on shopping and the woes of fasting to discuss a far more important matter: The Doctrine of Donuts.

There comes a time for which we must expose our loved ones to the realization that Donuts are means for survival. We must, however, use this device rather judiciously. During times of emotional stress and turmoil, disappointment, or in nature’s aggressive assault on the female each month, donuts provide a comforting remedy. This morning, I unveiled the basics of this teaching to my little ones.

The Doctrine Of Donuts:

They must be glazed or caked.

Donuts must be purchased only when the hot button is glowing

Krispy Kreme is the only way.

Chocolate Milk & Coffee are the only suitable accompaniments.

As you can see, the children agree.


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