The PERFECT Party Dress!

Day 115 & 116: Items Purchased: 1, with a portion of my Nordstrom Gift card

Earlier this year during a visit to Nordstrom with my husband, I came upon, what I affectionately referred to as, the “perfect party dress”. It was prominently displayed in the boutique section; black and silver metallic, strapless and form-fitting. With a darling little sweetheart bodice and a pronounced asymmetrical ruffle at the waist, it beautifully illustrated my idea of “flirty-fun”.  As I stared lovingly at the dress, I was abruptly interrupted by the remembrance of 3 tormenting hindrances: a full-ticket price tag, no occasion to wear it, and the blasted Shopfast. Awakened by reality, my temptation to purchase was miniscule. I stared at it only a moment longer, mentioning to Steve “i wish i had somewhere to wear this!”,  yet altogether dismissing further consideration.  Certainly by virtue of its sheer cuteness, the dress warranted an approving nod and a compliment. I never thought of the dress again.

Nearly 4 months later, when driving thru Orlando, i decided to take a peek at Nordstrom Rack. After all, I still had $150 worth of Nordstrom gift cards from my birthday. Very near the back of the store, I noticed one small rounder labeled “From Our Nordstrom Stores”. Intrigued, I find my size and begin going through each item. Imagine my surprise when I discover the perfect party dress tucked tightly between 2 casual sundresses! I gasped! Remembering that it retailed for $198, I thought my discovery was surely erroneous. The dress fit beautifully and I just knew it was too good to be true. As all savvy shoppers do, I determined to confirm the miraculous via price check, before committing to purchase. The sales associate ran the skew. The drums rolled…..

Oh. My. Word. Really? Was I reading the screen correctly?


I whipped out that gift card quickly and without hesitation, telling the clerk “Of course, I CAN’T leave this here at this price!” I went on to explain my history with the dress, to which she stared blankly and in disbelief that one could be so nutty about an article of clothing. I skipped to my car remembering the catastrophic event the week before regarding the green dress, and noting the difference in emotion I felt clutching a shopping bag this time. I smiled. It was a Godwink. I knew it.

Interestingly enough, my perfect party dress appeared in perfect timing! My company’s annual award dinner provided the perfect opportunity to strut it. I was honored again this year with the top 30% in sales performance for our region at a special manager’s reception preceding the awards ceremony. Although in contention for a coveted tier trip award, I fell short. Thankfully, I had the perfect party dress to cheer me up. Who could be sad about that?

Here is a self-portrait prior to departure for award ceremony. Sorry for the potty-talk…..

And another of me, with my former manager, Beth Willis. Beth was honored with a Silver Tier award! So happy for her!


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  1. Hi Aimee! I went to Evangel with Steve and somehow recently stumbled across your blog. Have stopped by a few times in the last couple of weeks to read and just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I think you’re adorable and I’m impressed with how you’re sticking to your shopfast!

    • Hi Christina! Nice to meet ya! I will tell Steve you found me. 🙂 So glad you’re reading. It’s been quite an adventure. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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