Surplus? Hardly.

109 & 110, Items Purchased: 0,  Temptation Radar: 0

Someone asked me today if I’d noticed the difference in my bank account since beginning Shopfast. It got me thinking. Actually, the answer is “No.”I’ve rather noticed a deficit. What up with that? Interestingly enough, we’ve had so many bizarre monetarily catastrophic incidences since January 1, that I’ve not experienced a surplus at all. However, this very revelation reminded me of how great a gift Shopfast really is. What if my spending patterns were exactly the same or worse, even than last year’s? How would that fare with the onslaught of medical bills, home renovation expenses, unexpected tax gift to the government, etc which occurred in  the first quarter of the year? YIKES! It pains me to think about it. So, in a weird way,  I suppose you could say my deficit is the reflection of a personal surplus.

Tonight, I am thankful for the ability to resist gross retail temptation, grateful for provision and well…..very sleepy. Bon Soir!


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