Unleashing The Sewing Secret & Understanding The Power Of The Remnant.

Day 105: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation: 0

I started the day off studying a word that was on my mind: Remnant. Realizing the definition as it relates to fabric, I began to ponder other applications of the word. Remnant is an “oddment”, sometimes residue or leftover, a trace of something great.With fabric, the remnant, when separated from its original bolt and tucked away over time, can become seemingly more breathtaking and powerful in a new debut just standing alone. Remnants often become the inspiration for something great….a small, but important part of a mighty design. I think that is a beautiful concept. Oh, the power of the remnant! Nevertheless, it’s ironic that the very word on my mind also became a focal point of today’s mainstay activity and the catalyst for revealing my secret.

It’s true….I’ve held tightly to an oracle…a mystery. For many years, I’ve casually dismissed a particular area of personal interest. Recently however, I decided the time had come for me to face the intimidating truth. After all, one of the driving forces behind this shopping fast, in the beginning,was to focus my time around other areas of expression and learning.

After putting it off for 10 years, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally taken on the Art of Sartorialism. A few weeks ago, I began a sewing class. With that a little dream shoved in the back cubby of my heart, has surfaced. And, guess what? I absolutely love it. Believe it or not, when I’m sewing a project, my mind completely shuts off to everything else. I find it to be a masterful stress-reliever. Years ago, I did a lot of beading and jewelry design. I would make bracelets, eyeglass chains, key chains,etc. Similarly, my favorite part of it was creating the design and absolutely losing myself in the assembly. For hours, I could bead and it would feel as though only 5 minutes had passed. Sewing seems akin to beading in that regard. Lessons by the fabulous Ms. Debbie Rhoton of Fabric Warehouse have me headed in the right direction. My hope is that I’ll become quite efficient in creating and sewing my own clothes, rather than flocking to the shopping center all the time. Check out what we worked on today…..

Shall we all gather together and see how it turned out?

It’s beginning to look like a mighty fine skirt!

I’m almost finished, and couldn’t be more thrilled…..

Perhaps, I’ve seen a remnant in the fabric of my heart, so-to-speak; a trace of great things to come.


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