Lame Blog Post Right Here…..

Day 104: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Oh my word.  A list of things distract me from composing any noteworthy content tonight. Perhaps we could reference the list quickly:

1. Trashed House

2. Swollen lymph nodes from pollen ad nauseam.

3. sugar shock and slow brain mechanics due to overconsumption of m&ms in a variety of flavors (namely pretzel & plain)

4. cute hubby on the couch waiting for me to watch American Idol.

5. 48-hours until I leave for S.C and I’ve made no preparations.

6. Work, Work, Work.

7. Technological shift from Blackberry to iPhone. Slowed my day down significantly.

So….how about another picture of moi???? haha.  Sportin’ some old duds in the backyard.. It should be noted that I’m up 5 lbs. Not good, but my aunt did recently give me a treadmill for which I’ve become quite fond. Let’s focus on the bright side. Tomorrow, I shall unveil a secret. Stay tuned…….


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