Target Is Most Assuredly The Spawn Of Satan

Day 103:  Items Purchased:  0, Temptation Radar: 10…off the charts. Red Alert for sure!

Target is my ultimate nemesis. If anything could keep me from conquering Shopfast it is that hypnotizing red bullseye. Today, in an effort to really test my restraint, I decided to head right for the clothes department and face my opponent.  With much pain and affliction, I tried a fine sampling of the most fashionable and affordable items. Affordability makes the temptation even stronger. Believe me. $25 for a chambray dress? C’mon! Painful, I tell you. Agonizing, really.

But, I did walk out of that cursed Target with ZERO bags or purchases. However, in the event that anyone may accuse me of wasting time, I decided to post my Target Top 10 list. My hope is that some of my readers will snatch up a few of these finds and then let me know about it! After all, if I knew that some of you scored big, it’d make my suffering a little more tolerable and the time spent totally worth it! So, here we go…..


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