Blah. Blah. Blah.

Day 102: Items Purchased: 0 (but I did score a free pair of shorts via Kohls cash and I still have $2 to spare), Temptation Radar: 3, There was a shirt I liked that matched shorts and it was awfully cute on. I resisted, as there was not enough Kohl’s cash. Oh, the suffering.

I. Do. Not. Feel. Like. Blogging. Tonight.

Guilty. Yep. Me. Guilty of rolling my eyes at my own self and wondered repeatedly why in the world I even care about conquering this shop fast. Bad Day? Not really, but an odd day. Remember when you were little, a occassional Saturday would inevitably present the problem of unquenchable boredom. You were just plain bored. Despite the misery, you really didn’t try to solve the problem of boredom, but rather basked in the pathetic pleasure of making your parents miserable with it instead. Remember?  So, perhaps today would be the equivalent in adulthood to such a childhood scenario. Speaking of boredom, I also considered how very boring it has become to see pictures of myself each day on the blog. I’d like to try and get away from that….not completely, but a little.

“Hello everyone! Guess what? Here’s ME! In another outfit!” Yea. Boring… and perhaps even a bit bizarre. Right? For fear of the possibility that we might all drown in a pool of my narcissism, I’m considering a variety of other types of visuals. You may thank me later.

So, I should take myself and my little cup of melancholy to bed now. Perhaps I shall have a brighter day tomorrow.

Goodnight.  Oh, and no picture. 😉


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