Don’t We All Worry At Times About The “Right Fit?”

Day 101: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 3, just sort of felt like a new outfit. ­čśŽ

The “right fit” as it pertains to clothing is vitally important. I think that goes without saying, really. It just plain sucks to be wearing something that’s wrong. Whether stylistically or constructively┬áspeaking, fit matters and will make or break the successful execution of one’s ensemble. It just pays to get it “right.”

It’s pretty easy to determine and even critique what does and doesn’t work about an outfit on a body. But, what about when the item scrutinized for size isn’t clothes? What if the misfit is yourself? Having one of those moments tonight when it seems to me that I just don’t fit. Truthfully, in the area of friendships, interests or even at times professionally, I feel awkward and out-of-place. It’s actually difficult for me to write this. I have little to say, except to note that despite the occasional feeling of sadness & isolation, I still have hope; the hope that purpose transcends abandonment, ┬álove triumphs over pain, ┬ácourage smites the face of fear, and that where deep wounds try to nestle, forgiveness and peace dive deep to rescue.

Eventually, I will have the sagging hemlines of my life taken up, the tight places let out with a sigh of relief and will certainly be able to fully enjoy the benefits of a perfect fit; the place of internal comfort which lies in ultimately surrendering and serving the creator rather than the created.


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