She Ages With Grace. Her Wisdom is Beauty. Her Spirit Is the Fountain of Youth.

Saturday, April 9, 2011.

Day 100: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Last week via Facebook post, I mentioned my affection for a chic silver bob, in anticipation of the day I may sport one. Actually welcomed the thought, a first for me in regard to taking positive consideration on the topic of “aging. Whilst climbing the ladder of decades, it is difficult to predict how one may feel about meeting the next rung and with what degree of power she will take her grip.  Aging is a seemingly sensitive subject which provokes a notable  twinge of angst.  Prepared for impending doom, yet presently surprised, I remember tip-toeing into my 30’s with a renewed sense of confidence. Much of the insecurity that taunted me in my 20’s had evaporated, while a new concern over a few fine lines surfaced. In the company of many who shared my aging anxiety, I began to study the way family and friends who are traveling a few years ahead on the path were dealing with the delicate transformation of age. For some, surgical intervention was the obvious and non-negotiable solution. Others made flagrant attempts to preserve youth by pressing reverse on their style mode and wearing items assuredly better suited for a 20-ish. Despite the universal unspoken “WTH?” of their peers, short skirts & revealing tops to accompany top dollar enhancements, made them feel a little sexier. Conversely,  I also came across some women who, being quite comfortable in a state of  aging denial, expressed satisfaction in taking a decade or 2 off to bum in lounge wear or workout garb, until a clear-cut distinction between aging & well-aged, could be made.

The truth is, we are aging and it is unstoppable.  We are going to get old and there’s nothing we can to about it. My question is: How can we age beautifully on the inside and the outside? Thursday evening at the fashion show, while I should have been eyeing the models’ ensembles, I noticed my intent distraction, which ultimately became fixation on a gorgeous woman. She was breathtaking, with porcelain  skin, and coral lipstick. She wore elegant pearl earrings, that appeared to be vintage Chanel. Nestled in a well-tailored ivory and mocha tweed cardigan, huge tortoise-shell sunglasses and adorable blonde bob, I was completely mesmerized. Her laugh while tipping her goblet enchanted wildly, as she visited with friends, her lovely full-bodied skirt swaying to her every move. True to protocol, I took shoe inventory, discovering her most exquisite nude, patent, sling-back kitten heels with pearl embellishment preceding the pointed toe. She was meticulously dressed to perfection and her smile lit the patio. I glanced over at my sister-in-law and whispered, “I want to be like her when I grow up!”  She was resplendent! Her fun-loving spirit seemed larger than life.  Before I could blink, my sister Stephanie, who is brilliant at social networking and introductions, had mingled over. With me in tow, we found ourselves entranced in conversation with Madame Fabulous and uncovering the secret to her beauty. “Now you have to take good care, girls”, she said with a giggle. “I am 72 years old and I just have fun.” She went on to tell us about the camellia garden she planted and other lovely details of herself. There was a grace about her; an ease, a comfort and joy that seemed to radiate. Suddenly, I found myself thinking, “THIS is what young women should aspire toward.”  We should embrace forward motion. Our newfound friend had discovered the secret to aging with grace and spice, if I may add such a descriptive.  The secret, I believe,  is welcoming the latter season with anticipation, hope and some well-intentioned humor.

Rather than rushing desperately to the rewind button, we should be reaching toward inspiration for what lies ahead. We should gleam from others walking a few paces in front, because aging offers so much more than a disheartening gravitational pull. Wisdom, grace, understanding, compassion, patience and benevolence all accompany age. These attributes are kindred spirits and, if welcomed by us, can be our dear friends in the winter season of life.

Completely inspired by, what I believe was, the secret treasure of the evening, I began researching and compiling thoughts around the subject of aging. I found a creative blog on aging with style.   Actually, a couple of these gals call is “aging with verve”. Check it out  To all of my friends who are looking in the mirror and asking “Now What?”, you are not alone. We shall age beautifully with great grace!

So now, enough of my blabbing, let’s get some insight from ladies who are “walking the talk.”


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  1. Aimee! I love it! very insperational and so true… Unfortunately our society does not embrace this mindset. Even the model wearing the MOB dress is YOUNG and model thin…umm, How many MOBs look like that? I wanted to scream get some beautiful TRUE MOBs to model that dress…they are beautiful and REAL. Enjoy your blog. Thanks!

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