“Well Isn’t She Just So Artsy Phartsy!”

Day 98: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 10….A Neiman Marcus Fashion Show???? I wanted to accost the models.

Clothes+Gallery +Photography+Models+Neiman Marcus= Art.

Me+Clothing Fast+Friends+Neiman Marcus= Trouble.

My sister-in-law Stephanie & I have created a tradition of attending a Fashion Show benefit hosted by our local art museum. Well, this is actually only the 2nd consecutive year, which counts as tradition by my standards. Nevertheless, it was a glorious evening filled with lovely art, beautiful clothes and sweet people.  I remained faithful to the shopping prohibition cause while being playfully mesmerized by models, orchestrated much like poetry in motion, as they pranced around the galleries of the museum showcasing the finest in spring womens’ designer apparel.

My favorites: A ebony, black lattice suit by Leila Rose

followed by a little St. John Knit number (only imagine it in vibrant tangerine. yummy.)….

Of course the grandeur of it would lack certification if not documented fully in photos.  Enjoy………..

Stephanie and I were able to spend some time with the delightful Mrs. Joy Williams, former President of Junior League of Greater Lakeland. Later, we bumped into a couple of other artsy peeps, the lovely Andrea Reed of Sweetcakes, LLC along with one of Lakeland’s premier fashionistas & Style Columnist Cathy Hayes, of Crescendo Public Relations.

A grand evening was shared by all! Au Revoir!


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