Parties, Payments and Paris.

Tuesday, April 5

Day 96: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Surviving the fierce rain storms and devastation of yet another pair of shoes ruined, I still had much to celebrate today. First, it’s my baby brother Bryan’s birthday. As usual, I was able to talk to his voicemail and wish it a very happy day.  Of course I also explored other communication methods such as video and facebook messaging. Hopefully, he will get the point: I thought of him and the children & I partied amongst ourselves in his honor. Next, I hammered a generous payment dent on a bothersome little credit card. Soon enough, I will be enjoying the freedom of Z-E-R-O debt. Go me.

I installed some new software on my computer this evening and began the never-ending project of Paris Edits. I can’t help but escape into my version of “LaLA Land” when I re-visit my photographs. Paris = Paradise to me. If I could translate myself from Florida to New York to Paris regularly, earth would become quite heavenly. For now, pictures will have to do. Here are a couple of me freezing in front of one of the infamous green doors. I miss Paris.

Oh, and one of my favorite shots at Versailles…..


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