Adventures With The Walgreens Scarf.

Day 95: Items purchased: a gift: scarf. , Temptation Radar: 0

It’s official. I am my grandmother. First let me start by saying that Walgreens is a pharmacy, not a gift shop. I really do understand this. However, I engaged in a behavior that immediately qualifies and enlists one into the grand company  of the AARP:

I saw something “pretty” at Walgreens and purchased it as gift.

This, my friends, is indicative of a potential problem: one-stop shopping at the local pharmacy. I went in for gum, motrin, and some lotion and came out with $4.99 birthday gift for “to be determined”.

I suddenly had flashbacks of items I’d received over the years from my “Big Nanny” and Grandma that they’d proudly picked up at Woolworth’s or Eckerds. After all, they’d gotten “such a great deal!” 20 years later, I’m locating the same sort of finds.

So, somebody will be lucky to receive this lovely scarf purchased on the fly with a pack of gum and other incidentals.  As you can imagine, I had to meditate on this awhile, repeating quietly to myself : Walgreens is not a gift shop. Walgreens is not a gift shop.

(It is a cute scarf though, right?)


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