Unmentionables! But, Did I Mention There Is Much More To Like

Day 92 & 93: Items Purchased: Victoria’s Secret GC redeemed on unmentionables, Temptation Radar, 0

I will quickly mention the unmentionables I purchased with my $50 gift card from Victoria’s Secret.  You don’t really get a lot for the money there. I’ll trust that these 4 new undies last  a long time. Just needed to re-load the trunk. I’m sure you understand.  I utilized my Christmas Gift card.  Just couldn’t hold out for the semi-annual sale any longer.

Today, I hosted a baby shower for my sister. After watching her enjoy the showering, I was so inspired that I decided to shower myself with creative sets on Polyvore. Below, you will see my imaginative wish list. Of course, you can always make it a reality. They do ship! Bon Soir!

lots to like!

Missoni dress
537 GBP – my-wardrobe.com

D G floral top
210 GBP – matchesfashion.com

Malene Birger draped top
185 GBP – flannelsfashion.com

River Island polka dot top
25 GBP – riverisland.com

River Island legging

Romper jumpsuit
$104 – topshop.com

Marc Jacobs flat front short
$525 – barneys.com

Yves Saint Laurent sandal
$556 – bluefly.com

Michael Kors clasp jewelry
$250 – net-a-porter.com

Mod earring
$12 – modcloth.com

Floppy hat
$20 – alloy.com

Chanel glass shade


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