The Adventures Of Super Mom In Her Super Flying Shoes

Day 91: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0
What a bizarre day.  Perhaps it would be most fitting to describe it in timeline format:
6:30am: Pack lunches, get children ready and out the door with Steve.
8:00am: My ritualistic beautification process begins
9:00am: Head to my dear friend Mrs. Bryant’s with some yummy snacks for a special family, and also enjoy a nice visit.
10:30am: Playing piano at the Cancer Center
11:45: Starbucks & Deli Delicacies to make shower arrangements, where  I’m deterred by a tornado that literally rocks my car back & forth under swinging power lines.
12:30: The Green House (such a lovely little Lakeland Treasure)
1:00: pick up the children
1:30: Visit Mother
2:30: Another little surprise delivered to unsuspecting friend
3:00-8:00: Crazy, Crazy  Reed Ranch Adventures.
As you can see, I am pretty tired. My lovely husband decided to go to a ball game with some friends. I’ve yet to tell him of my life-threatening meeting with the tornado or my hydroplane move across the preschool parking lot in these……
Not exactly your typical rain boots, eh? My bad.  Wishing I was shopping, instead I strived desperately to manage the ferocious home front industry one fit at a time. It went something like this…..
I believe it is abundantly clear that I have this house running like a well-oiled machine. Perhaps one would be hesitant to grant my due praise as a Super Mom, but I challenge you with this argument: I survived a tornado and 5 inch wedges. I can do anything! At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m icing my muscles and sniffing lavender each evening.

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