“Final Sale” & “No Returns” Take On A Whole New Meaning

Days 89 & 90

Day 89:  Total Blur.  Bought Nothing. No Temptation.  Bad News Blues held me hostage to an evening of solitude.

Day 90: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Still heavy from the events of yesterday, primarily mourning the loss of 2 people who have left unusual footprints on my life, blogging still seems like a strangely insignificant thing to do. Yet, I am reminded that it is our faithfulness in seemingly insignificant things that ultimately yields the most enduring impact. It’s the glass of water you offer a handyman working in your home. It’s the parking space you give up to the person behind you. It’s showing up to the church nursery to work your once monthly shift. It’s serving your family and the needs of others. Characteristics like a gentle spirit and steadfastness in love, although seemingly simple and ordinary from moment to moment, leave a lasting and most extraordinary impression when one’s personal journey ends.

So, today when I saw a sale flyer that said Final Sale. No Returns. , my thoughts danced a different cadence. See, the  No Return Policy is not limited to retail sales establishments, but extends to our daily lives. We don’t get to return to today for a do-over. My 4-year-old won’t always want me to snuggle on the couch watching animal planet. My daughter won’t always ask me to sing a song to her and Lilly, the pet monkey. The person you bump into unexpectedly in Target may not be here tomorrow, so how you show love today counts. We may not even get another chance to take advantage of today’s offerings.

The choices, priorities, decisions,  and investments we buy into today are a final sale. Our bag filled with the day’s decisions, words, deeds, commitments…..we own those.  I want to make the right selections. Don’t you?


4 responses

  1. It is so sad that so many people miss out on what is really important in life and then “think” they can have a “do over”. I agree that we must take each day and embrace it as if it is our last because it is a “Final Sale”.

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