The Very Best Deals Are The Breaks People Give Us.

Days 87 & 88: Items Puchased: 0,  Temptation Radar: 0 & 9 respectively.

Perhaps the only thing I wanted to shop for this past Sunday, Day 87, was a leash. After all, we were at Animal Kingdom and my children easily acquiesced to the natural habitat of rare species of gorillas. As you can imagine, my only craving was copious amounts of bottled water and a mild muscle relaxer.

My efforts were soon rewarded, however, when I was asked to accompany a friend on Day 88, Monday evening for a shopping mission. Spoiled by a gift card, she was primed and ready, only needing a tad bit of encouragement in making choices on a few spring/summer basics.  Twist my arm. Seriously.

Banana Republic was our poison and the entire store was on sale. Tempted to chug it all in, I shifted my focus immediately from this Chanelesque tweed sweater….

…toward a more suitable and rewarding goal: helping my friend. After trying on several items, I noticed that her countenance had brightened tremendously, she was liking what she saw in the mirror. Arguably,  I believe I witnessed a modest strut for which she’d most certainly deny. There’s something about a new outfit that just gives a little “pick-me-up”.  Gals who are not used to “treating” themselves always have the best reactions when I put them in front of a mirror in a new outfit.

I asked my basic questions:

What are we shopping for tonight? What’s your favorite color? What do you wear the most? What do you NEVER wear? How much money would you like to spend?

After I identified these answers, I began pulling styles to suit her preferences and personal style.

I have only one personal rule for my friends to follow:

“Always try a stretch piece.”

I’m not talking about spandex here, people. The stretch piece is the item or outfit that you know would be amazing, yet she has never worn or doesn’t believe suits her. You know, the item that you hand someone and they say “I love it, but I COULD NEVER WEAR THAT!” Sometimes, simply a color that’s out-of-the-box for them inspires me. I incorporate the stretch rule primarily to broaden perspective; to show people the beauty I see in them, they just don’t see it yet. Everyone who shops with me always sports “The Stretch”. It’s a non-negotiable. lol! After all, stretching and challenging ourselves to grow is what keeps us moving forward. The closet provides a perfect opportunity to practice this principle. My personal stretch was once “skinny jeans”. Who’d have thought it’d be wardrobe staple for me now?

Believe it or not, for my friend the stretch item was a skirt. She’d just not had a lot of experience with wearing cute skirts. She looked absolutely beautiful in a crazy-cool, casual, black twill skirt, cinnamon striped tank & cardigan.

Besides the shopping, we had a yummy meal and uplifting conversation. Some of the things she shared really encouraged me, yet I don’t even think she realizes how much. I needed a break, an emotional one. I needed to connect with a friend. Although we scored at the ‘sick’ sale from which she GREATLY benefited, I’m sure I got the best deal!


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