“Help Me Rhonda! Help, Help Me Rhonda!”

Day 86: Items Purchased: 0 by me.   7 FOR me!  Temptation Radar: 0, only because I was rescued by Rhonda!

Rhonda is something. She is a vibrant and innovative lady who never ceases to amaze me. She is the type of person who can do everything under the sun. You know, the jack-of-all-trades type. She can build and fix just about anything. She faux paints, installs crown molding, tiles, hangs wall-paper, and sews. Also being a lovely artist, a few of her paintings are displayed in my home. Rhonda enjoys learning . Her spunky side is usually revealed during discussions about religion and politics, the two “shh” topics that she unapologetically encourages. Passionate about her beliefs, she is always up for debate on current affairs. In the same breath, she can switch gears, luring even the most obstinate preschooler into the best story, game or video. From planting grass gardens to buying pet goldfish, she always has an idea to keep little people engaged.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Rhonda is how gifted she is when it comes to working with textiles and design. Several years ago, I literally watched her construct a dress from pieces of multiple different patterns, eventually sewing a completely redesigned gown to perfection for my sister’s Senior Prom. Rhonda KNOWS fabric and great workmanship. She’s a brilliant seamstress. I only wish she truly believed her greatness. Interestingly, with all this expertise and passion, it comes as quite a shock that she hates shopping. It really is an act of love for her to commit to an afternoon of mall-wandering. Occasionally, I can coax her along. This thrills me because between her understanding of fabric & construction and my eye for design & trends, we make a pretty great team, uncovering the most intriguing finds. We are also GREAT bargain shoppers. I’ve often thought we should explore the option of starting a small business together. Having a loyal relationship and complementing skill sets, the two key ingredients for any successful collaboration, it’d surely be a success; she, being the brighter and more level-headed, of course.

We’d been trying to coordinate a “shop date” in honor of my birthday for nearly 2 weeks now. Today, we finally made it happen. I was pleased to have her company and her solid witness to my sound purchase integrity (I don’t shop alone these days). The short version is: we shopped A LOT. I tried on an abundance of cute and tempting items.  No surprise there. We laughed a ton and were extremely selective when it came to identifying the choice goods.  I’m getting really good at the narrowing down process. My skills in making wise purchases, defined by an item’s ability  to demonstrate classic appeal,  be wearable 3 different ways, and  be workable with  the current closet portfolio, are seriously improving. That being said,  I was prepared to pick an item or 2 for her to gift unto me. Nope. That wasn’t going to suit Rhonda’s taste. She decided to purchase the entire grouping I’d created. I was so elated, I nearly floated off into happy-land. Check this out…..

After nearly fainting, splashing water on myself and pinching to make certain I was alive, I pleaded one more time that it was just too much! Her response, simply stated… “I’m really proud of you for doing your shopfast. happy birthday.”  With that, we trotted out of the store, bags bulging and the chesire grin in full effect.

I should tell you also, Rhonda is my mother.


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