Classic With A Hint Of Casual Chic…..That’s Me, According To My New Stylist!

Friday, March 25

Day 85:  Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 8+, because I discovered Dear Lord, help me.

A massive treasure was unearthed today in the middle of a post-nap temper tantrum by my Olivia. In my best effort to ignore her, I initiated a click-fest on need to know about this site if you don’t).  At the moment she was in a full on squeal with legs flying and arms waving, my finger made the perfect click connection: Oh. My. Gosh.  A Personal Boutique, Stylist, Fashion Analyst, Shopper and Personal Assistant….oh, and it’s FREE! Just what I need: Another Time Suction Device, compliments of the glorious Internet. Nevermind my whining on the issue of never enough time. Let’s focus on the bright side. Now, the gal who has no idea what style suits her or which items to select, can enjoy the luxury of learning about her style preferences in the privacy of her own home, or Starbucks, or wherever. Unfortunately, this finding comes at a very inopportune time for me, now doesn’t it?Shux.

Seriously, it could be perhaps the most comprehensive style website, taking the user from fashion basics and identifying personal style, to organizing wardrobe favorites while facilitating the purchase process by linking the user to the retailer’s website. After taking the style quiz, I learned that my genre is “Classic”, perhaps w/ a hint of romantic and a splash of casual chic. What a beautiful fragrance! I was also thankful for the confirmation that “Street” is not my cup. In case there is any question, a piece is tagged Fergalicious or BabyPhat, is probably not going to appear in my file. Note: if you do find me strutting such styles, you should understand that I’m in a full-on midlife crisis and a mental health care professional should be notified immediately.

Now, I have a job for you, readers! Check out this fabulous site, take the Style Quiz and then comment below on your preferred style results! I’d love to know your style flavor!


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