The Great Confession

Wednesday, March 23rd

Day 83: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Confession: I purchased Sunglasses Tuesday evening on my way to a corporate dinner. It was impulsive. Once again, predicated on the emotion of hurt, I allowed myself to attempt mending a wound through retail. This is precisely the reason why my shop fast is such an important journey. To become free from hang-ups and the chains that restrain us from really stepping into our strengths….our destiny, we must be able to identify the empty substitutes allowing us to hide from truth.  Aware that I did not break my shopfast rules, I did compromise my internal radar. This is an important revelation. A reminder that just because things are acceptable, doesn’t make them right.  Interestingly, the radar buzz triggered about sunglasses, the fashion item that has become my signature, yet the one I so often hide behind. I will return the glasses this afternoon. This is how we learn, I suppose. By acknowledging and evicting our shortcomings, rather than make provision for them to reign in our lives, we make room for personal growth. Tonight, if I successfully complete day 84,  I will be talking about “Buyers Remorse” in a very new light.

Incidentally, I’m taking a break from my 10 years re-distributed due to a small photo crisis. How about a poem instead? Bonus: Some pics of my new red jeans I bought with Zara Gift card…..a great reminder of the importance of gratitude.


For a grace that’s sufficient,

For hope that propels me,

For love that has saved me,

For strength in my body,

For soundness of mind,

For light in the darkness,

For rest when I’m weary,

For joy in abundance,

For laughter & smiles,

For a husband who is faithful,

For 2 children to snuggle,

For a family that is supportive,

For prayers that sustain me,

For gifts that I can share,

For friends who are loyal,

For kind words when they are spoken,

For forgiveness when it is granted,

For mercies anew each morning.

For understanding when I’m difficult to understand,

For humor which is the cornerstone of my roadshow,

For M&M’s & Starbucks,

For city lights,

For church family,

For dreams & imagination,

For music which frees me,

For those who minister wisdom in love,

For those who bless with their hands & their words,

For anger, passion and disappointment because it reminds me that I still care,

For fresh air,

For protection,

For creativity,

For  God, who made me just as I am.


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