Polyester Parade….The Event That Sealed The Deal

Monday, March 21

Day 81, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 0

Ebony polyester pants, fitted and slightly boot cut, were a staple for night life back in the late 90’s. A senior at FSU at the time, it was apparent to me that every girl owned a variety of little black pants to boast with halters, tube tops, and the like for a refined evening out sipping high quality beverages at pristine establishments such as Ken’s & Yanni’s. We need not explore the emotional and behavioral content of those experiences,  however it is important to note that polyester in brands such as Guess, XOXO, and Body Shop were, well…..closet candy. Often referenced as “disposable clothing”, these pieces could easily be tossed after a night out. Let’s be honest, equally as trashed as the wearer, they should have been appropriately disposed.

I, always careful to maximize and take trends to the next level, decided it would be fitting for the polyester parade to transcend the boundaries of collegiate parties and chose, as a new graduate, to refine it, girlie it up a bit and turn it red. Below, you will see the outfit I wore in December 1999, when my husband proposed.

Red polyester skirt and top, with Rhinestone embellishment, by XOXO, purchased at Macy’s for $60. This was a splurge for a young teacher with very little budget for clothing. Of course, I was bored with black, loved a little bling and thought red looked oh-so-fa-la-la-la-la for the holiday season. This, my friends, was the grown up version of Polyester Paradise. I’d arrived.

You can imagine the emotional attachment one might have to her engagement outfit. I’ve kept it all these years, having no plans to retire it. This year, the 10th anniversary of my marriage, I decided to bust it out, change it up and wear it to a Christmas party. It looked something like this…….

For the party, I did wear fish net hose and black suede knee boots. It was a little chilly. Oh, and the outfit does a trick……

And with that, I experienced diamond dreams and a polyester promise. 10 years later….it still works for me. All of it.


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