10 Years Of Peepin’ And Keepin It Real

Day 80: Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Fully satisfied with the items purchased on my GC, I was not tempted to shop for anything. Praise the Lord. Now, that’s an idea. I ought to just go ahead and Praise the Lord. So, that’s what I did. Sunday, Day 80: I churched, cleaned my house, and churched it some more.

I promised a glimpse of 10 years in my closet, but redistributed. In the spirit of keeping things simple, I shall display one of my favorite items that has been with me for 10 years…a pair of Pewter peep toes! Purchased at Macy’s in the spring of 2001, they were a fabulous addition to my interviewing wardrobe. After all, at that time I was interviewing for my first pharmaceutical sales position, a career move that has bestowed great joy. Many a clinic, hospital, and sales meeting have been pranced upon by these classic heels. They have carried me through the exhilaration of huge victories in key accounts, and propped me up a little higher during the disappointment of goals missed and promotions denied. Perhaps the shoes are a prophetic reminder that life is full of the unexpected, yet each mishap yields opportunity to grow. Just stay focused, & help keep peeps on their toes, no matter what… remembering that sometimes the hardest peep to inspire is yourself. Today, I paired the peeps with another member of their generation….a 10 year-old suit skirt from Ann Taylor. It was one of my very first suits. I ditched the jacket and added some frills. Oh, and the cardigan? Well, it’s really not very polite to blind the customers with your sun-naive winter skin, now is it? Consider the cardigan a courtesy. 

Special thanks to my dear friend Beth, of Beth Carter Photography, who was gracious enough to meet me this evening after work to snap a couple.


3 responses

  1. this is fantastic…what a concept…I’ll keep watching for you to succeed, set new trends, and inspire as you always do…

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