Zara Gift Card: SPENT! And I got the Jeans to prove it…..

Day 79: Items Purchased: 3,  1 pair of red jeans, a navy/white striped Tee (thanks to my Zara Gift Card from Christmas), 1 pair of shoes.

Finally, my first gift card redemption for clothes!  I’d been holding the Zara Gift Card hostage since Christmas, because I just wanted to make sure the purchase was perfect: something fabulous, affordable and needed. Early Spring is a great time to utilize a gift card because it is start of the season and grabbing a couple of new staples for the closet, when added to current collection can help freshen things up a bit. The weird thing about Shopfast is that with the stringent boundaries, I’m forced to prioritize everything. I have to LOVE an item in way that makes it worth being the only item I obtain the whole year. After all, there is no guarantee that more gifts or cards will be given. That is a HUGE commitment.  Also, I’ve learned to plan more strategically around shopping. Knowing about tonight’s trip, and my limited resources, I studied a few magazines, weeding out trends I liked while comparing desired looks to things I already have to work with. Next, i did a full closet re-org. Bascially, I took out every piece, making 3 piles: store, mend, keep. Normally, I have  “donate” pile, but in a famine it’s unwise to give one’s sustenance away. Therefore, I clenched tightly EVERY article in the clothing cave this time around. 4 hours later, my closet was clean and I was ready to shop, list in hand. I listed only a few items,including basics and a couple of trends I’d like to implement into my fashion playbook. Realizing the frailty of the human will, Steve accompanied me on the shopping trip tonight.  I made my selections and begin fitting. Out of the 15 items I tried, I narrowed down to 3. Understanding that the gift card was not enough to cover all 3, I placed them on hold while I walked around and made deliberations.  Deliberations are the most excruciating part of fashion proceedings. During the decision process Steve suggested we go to J. Crew as they would surely have a couple of the items for which I was in hot pursuit. Plus, comparing options always either strengthens or weakens the desire for initial selections. Indeed, we were greeted by the first one…..

This adorable skirt! Love at first sight. It fit my spring skirt criteria perfectly: neutral color, a-lined,tailored yet casual, and lightweight. My glee turned to despair when I realized I had 2 problems. First, the item was not on sale. Second, I had no gift cards for J. Crew. Despite this huge dilemma, the fashion show continued. I left the store again, hands tied, with nothing. Suddenly, I remember that a decision must be made on the Zara hold items. Painstakingly, I look to Steve for advice.  He liked all three, but  I settled on the red jeans and striped shirt, because red jeans were 1 of my personal top 2 must-have seasonal trends.

At this point, I’m feeling really good….satisfied, responsible, strategic in purchasing. No remorse.

An hour or so later, as I’m in the shoe department, paying for these……

(bloody great, aren’t they?), Steve had wandered off. Several minutes later he approaches me with a curious small bag from J. Crew. What’d you buy???? I exclaimed this with much surprise because if you know Steve, he’s not a big purchaser. Before he even had a chance to answer, I grabbed the bag to find this……..

MY SKIRT!!!!!! He did it! Go Steve! Go Steve! (while doing the churn dance from the early 90’s)

There you have it! My first spends of the season. Right on time. Within the guidelines and I’m even the recipient of an unexpected gift. I still have quite a few gift cards to spend, but I will save them for next season……


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