A Running Commentary

Day 76: Items Purchased: Running Shoes (that’ s right. flat, boring exercise shoes) Temptation Radar: 0

Unsolicited commentary. There’s nothing quite like it. You never know what you’re going to get. In the area of one’s personal well-being, such explanatory note taking by a loved one can be a peculiar mixture of hilarity, pain and bewilderment served up in cup of “hard to swallow” minus a fun umbrella.

Over the past several days, I’d experienced several softballs tossed my way. “Aimee, can you believe your sister is still swimming everyday……at 8 months pregnant? So, what you are you doing these days for exercise?” Or, “You know sweetheart, you are over 30 and your bone density is eroding. You should be taking a calcium supplement…oh, and a little strengthening weights would help too.” hmm. I began to see the writing on the wall. Aimee must train. Considering these comments, I started to wonder what people my age actually do to keep in shape? Seems like I remember some sort of mall-walking program in the late 80s that seemed intriguing. Uninterested in a gym membership, I set out, exploring other options. Very soon, a huge discovery unfolded. Apparently, the middle ground between absolute couch potato and marathon runner is small.  People are running fast & far! 5k, 10k, 1/2 and whole marathons! Seriously, I met one girl who has never run, but is now signed up for a 10k only a couple of months away. Kidding me? Yikes! I, being fully engaged in marathon of my own….the shopping one, which incidentally, counts toward achievement of heart-rate elevation, feel strongly that racing avenue is a dead-end for me. However, what would be the harm in a regular brisk jog? I considered. After searching far and wide, with great failure, for the Wii Fit Yoga Club,  I realized it was time to make a sickening purchase: running shoes.

Standing in the only store for which my product knowledge baseline is -10, I rely heavily upon the expertise of the salesman to guide me. Clearly shocked that I’d not purchased runners in 3 years, he assured me that I was in the right place. After having my foot examined, measured, & analyzed by a computer quite similar to a CSI profiling device, I was guided to a treadmill, where the feet became famous, doing their 15 second stride on a moving runway! Runway show for my footsie featured on a live video screen! Now, we’re talking! Finally, I was escorted  to a section of shoes specifically designed and arranged for betrothal to my feet, based on my profile. Needless to say, I found the perfect match. 

It wasn’t the shoes, however that sealed the deal for me. Rather, it was the words of  wise one Mao Tse -Tung……

“In general, any form of exercise, if pursued continuously, will help train us in perseverance. Long-distance running is particularly good training in perseverance.”

It is the perseverance I crave more than anything.


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