My Hat’s Off To Ya……

Day 75: BIRTHDAY. Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar: 3, Gift Cards Received: 3, Nordstrom and one new dress!

Life is funny at times; most of the time, actually. Today is my 34th birthday. That’s right. 34. I still have a hard time looking at that number. I remember my mother preparing for her 20th year class reunion when I was a junior in high school. Now, mine is not far off. So weird. I did not shop on my birthday. I normally do. Admittedly, illness kept me from it. In spite of it, I received the gift I really needed: solitude.

I rested. I thought a lot about life to this point and what lies ahead, but most of all I purposed to take a little better care of myself, rather than my closet. You’ll be happy to know that I did receive some gift cards. So, there will be some shopping. I will be taking a chaperone and documenting my purchases through photos. Heck, I’ll probably even do blog poll on which items I should select. That would be fun, right? Accountability is a good thing. We should all have someone to which we hold ourselves accountable in life. I’ve chosen the blogosphere…..because we tend to do things big here on the Reed Ranch.

Since I mentioned BIG, I should thank those responsible for the 5,000 clicks shopfast has received since January. Wow. That’s pretty incredible, as I don’t think I’m overly interesting and I don’t promote this blog. lol! But, I do have lots of wonderful friends and family. My mother is probably responsible for at least 1/2 the clicks. lol. Nonetheless, it warms my heart to know people are rooting for me. That’s pretty special.

Creeping up to the top of “mostest specialness ever in the whole world”, to phrase it like Owen, was the love I felt on my birthday. Every FB message, phone call, text, e-greeting, voicemail just filled me to overflowing. I am a blessed girl. So, my hats off to each of you, who love me, allow me to be me and enrich my life beyond measure…….

Please take special notice of my Birthday Dress! It was the Esley tunic I’d been eyeing at my fave spot, Hattie’s Branches…a special gift from the Steve & Stephanie Madden Tribe. Big shout out to Amelia, my niece, who always makes sure I get hooked up! xoxo! I love having a niece.  Still sportin’ big shades, both my signature and my disguise for swollen, sickly eyes. Feeling oh-so-sassy…..


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  1. Hey girl! Love your birthday dress!! So glad to hear you got some gift cards! Definitely do a poll on what you should purchase! I will weigh in with my thoughts! Ha!! Glad to hear you had a fabulous birthday! I hope you start feeling better soon!

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