DAYs 72, 73, & 74 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday). Items Purchased: NADA , Temptation Radar: None

Only 1 thing could keep me from updating this blog 3 days in a row: ILLNESS.

I am pressing through an illness as we speak. First, it was believed to be flu. Last Monday, I visited the doctor for the burn that I suffered a couple of weeks ago and actually presented with a low-grade fever, however felt fine other than the usual fatigue. In my world, exhaustion is never cited as symptom, but rather a medal of honor. After all, it is the evidence of success in keeping up with housework, my husband, 2 toddlers, a demanding job and other obligations I have, right? I’m probably not giving it all if I’m not exhausted.  That’s how I used to think, anyway.

Tuesday evening, Olivia fell ill with a fever. Wednesday morning, she had no improvement. We discovered she had ear infection. In caring for her, I continued to ignore my own symptoms. Friday morning, I felt so terrible that I had to travel with kids to my mom’s for help.  Flu-like symptoms had infiltrated intensely and speedily, leaving me a little alarmed, but resistant to making a fuss. Luckily, I spent most of the weekend lying around, but with little improvement. I met my boss Monday morning for a work contact where I tried desperately to conceal the magnitude of the discomfort. At noon, I was in the Watson Urgent Care with a 102.4 fever. The doctor ruled out flu for several reasons and was convinced I had mono. YUCK! Seriously? I looked at that man, eyes welling with tears and said, “I have husband, 2 small & busy children and my job. I’ve no time for that type of illness. He shrugged his shoulders and walked out. He was not being insensitive, but was responding how anyone one. After all, illness takes no account of your schedule. It has no regard for your “to-do” list.  I had to take note of my situation, and focus on getting better. Some lab work revealed a negative mono test, but a bacterial infection of some sort.

Now? A round of antibiotics and lots of rest for me.  Apologetically, I must ask you to consider these a series of Cheat Posts. This afternoon, when I’m feeling better I’ll pick up on today, Day 75, as I have something sort of exciting to report!

In the meantime, I’m disguised by hat and glasses as not to alarm anyone too much by gaunt appearance.  The pouty lip? Well, I’m under the weather on my birthday and that pretty much stinks. What’s the return policy on Birthday Bacteria? It doesn’t suit me.


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