Sometimes, The Only Thing We’re Shopping For Is A Little Reassurance.

Day 71, Items Purchased: 0, Temptation Radar:0

Some days are quiet ones. Days for observance; to ponder things that may be weighing on the soul. It was like that for me today. It’s hard to think about, or even write about something as miniscule as a shopping fast when a world’s been shaken by a tsunami, unsettled by an earthquake. In nearly the same moment, I thought also of my sister and her husband who are traveling to say goodbye to a young friend of theirs who collapsed on the soccer field and left this life. Just like that. ¬†Tragedy strikes in an instant, many times without means for preparation. We are left numb, forced to try to make sense and put pieces together. My thoughts soon shifted, as I envisioned a husband we know, gripping his wife’s hand in the hospital as she battles cancer. His faith still steadfast, their young family waiting everyday for the manifestation of a miracle. I, battling a touch of the flu and reflecting on a tumultuous week, felt heavy-hearted and overwhelmed by such unanswered questions. Shopping for a little reassurance, and a bit of strengthening, I came across this at just the right time. I think it says everything I’m thinking better than I could.


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