Day 70: Items Purchased: a hat,  per Liv’s request. Temptation Radar: 5, cute top at Target tried to trick me.

Livie is not well. An ear infection & sinusitis kept her out of school and rather weepy today. In fact, the only way I was able to convince her to take her antibiotic was promising her a trip to Target for nail polish. In order to prepare for our shopping trip, Liv said we needed to “match”. We decided to go with a black & white look. She also suckered me into allowing her to wear lipgloss and “take a picha” before we left.

There you go. Olivia’s grand therapy program: Dress up, “pichas“, and Target.  She rolled out of that a place with a new kitten, pink sunglasses and a sun hat. I suppose you could say that spoiling is my method for coping with illness. I felt so bad for her. She, too, sensed my sadness, and insisted I get a hat too, so “we can match” . Who wants to argue with a sickly 3 year-old? Not me. We’ll take 2 hats please!


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