The Little Old Lady Who Cut Me Down To Size…..

Day 68,  Items Purchased: 0 Temptation Radar: 0, partially because I’m broke right now. lol

Everyone’s got an opinion. For whatever reason, an opinion, in many cases, becomes the cornerstone for a soapbox designed to persuade others, no matter who they are. When someone feels strongly enough about an issue, thought, or experience she will steam roll over just about anything to make certain that her viewpoint is heard; and if pushy enough, will stomp her foot down demanding some sort of agreement from the audience.

Take for example, Grace. She is a patient at a local medical center. This 86 year-young, maintains remarkably good health, is self-sufficient and full of energy. Grace is visiting her cardiologist for a routine exam and was making her way toward the entry when we crossed paths. I, racing off the elevator from the 3rd floor , was only about 5 paces out of the building when I heard a stern voice behind me “Excuse me. Ma’am!” Turning around, I notice this little lady, all of about 5’1, summoning me. I stopped as she made her approach. “Excuse me. I would like to say something to you”, she commands. I’m all ears at this point, confused and wondering if I should know who she is.

“I was just noticing your shoes. I’m 86 years old, and I want you to know that when you’re my age, you are not going to be able to walk.”  She pauses as if she’s waiting for a verbal reaction. As you can imagine, there was actually a long awkward pause, as I’m towering her in 4 inch black patent stilettos looking completely shellshocked, yet feeling like I should apologize. She continues “When I was your age, I used to wear shoes like that. Well, not as tall as THOSE, but a modest heel. My foot doctor said it just crumbles the bones in your feet. So, I just wanted to tell you that. But, you do look very nice.”

With that, she gave me no time to rebut, turned around and limped off. Still speechless and dumbfounded, I watched Miss Grace make the hike toward her car. Tempted to shout “Thanks for the warning, sister!”, I just slid off my stilts and waddled to the car like a spanked pup. Even the strangers are on my case, I thought.

As I sat in my car pondering this brief commentary by a complete stranger, somewhere in between a chuckle and a grimace, I managed to ponder this question…

“Why do we spend so much time conserving to die? Why are we always fixated on later?”

Of course you can’t wear stilettos comfortably at 86! Gee, ya can’t really wear them comfortably at 26. I would venture to say my feet will probably hurt when I’m old regardless of the shoes I wear. Why preserve for what you can’t guarantee anyway, especially in the category of fine fashion? I say enjoy what youth you have to the fullest, while you possess it. Transition to the grave VERY slowly. Express, with much flamboyance, the uniqueness that makes you….well, you. Just my, ah hem, humble opinion.

This question of conservation resurfaces at times when I’m shopping too. Certainly, I’m not trying to diminish the value of a good deal or waiting for a sale. However, there’s not a cookie cutter approach to shopping. It’s not always necessary or profitable to “wait for the sale” or “hope” you get a better deal. That’s just another ‘conserve for later’ type mentality. Most certifiably benefits to purchases made at full price and for newly released items exist. For example, if a gal is celebrating a special occasion tomorrow and the perfect dress is not on sale, what good will it do her to wait for the sale?  Does it then become the “not-so-perfect, but super cheap and maybe I’ll wear it to something next year dress”? See, there are moments when a bit of indulgence, whether it’s abusing your feet at an early age for fashion’s sake, or paying full price for your birthday dress is not only acceptable, it is the painfully obvious RIGHT thing to do.

So Grace, thank you kindly for your concern. You made a valid point. Bolstering your pointed opinion in such a courageous way to the strange Tower of Blonde in a medical parking lot will be forever remembered.  I looked in the rearview mirror at Grace and then looked at my reflection, slid my foot back into the 4 inch-ers and pushed the gas. For my journey, we travel tall.

(Day 68, was Tuesday, March 8th and I had a horrible headache. Another post forthcoming)


4 responses

  1. I have been summoned by “Grace’s” throughout the years about my shoes in waiting rooms, elevators, and parking lots. Could not agree with you more. While I still can, I will rock my stilletos!

  2. My 84 year old grandmother wore heels everyday. She walked several city blocks to church in them. I must say she had the nicest legs you will ever see on an old lady (and better than several young ladies). Rock those heels!

    • I LOVE it, Hope! The leg exercise from standing and walking in heels is a great benefit! I would venture to say it also contributed to her long life! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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